Views from After the Horizon

“I (the positivist) want to represent things as they are, or rather as they would be, supposing that I did not exist.' In other words, the universe without man.” -Baudelaire

“and we have to remember that what we observe is not nature in itself but rather nature exposed to our method of questioning.”  -Heisenberg

“Views from After the Horizon”, explores the paradoxes that arise from imagining the world without the human observer.  It utilizes both art historical tropes and a variety of media, including; sculpture, painting, photography, and video, to explore this impossible and absurd thesis while allowing the specific characteristics of each media to expose the limitations of both human and mechanical observation.

Being in the Distance


Detail shots of Installation

oil on wood, baseball

Variable Dimensions

The World as Representation (frame)


Oil on Panel

92 x 88 cm

Things out There


Oil on Panel

60 cm diameter

After Thought

Installation and Detail


Oil on Paper

80 x 60 cm (each)

The Life of an Anonymous Saint


Oil on Panel

122 x 53 cm